Speed & Agility Training Featuring VertiMax!



guy on vertimax

With speed and agility training at the YMCA!

This Speed & Agility training is designed to dramatically improve the overall athletic ability of youth participating in sports!

Each participant, ages 8 and up, will work on:




*Space is limited to 6 participants per class

For more information:

(912) 285-8660




For specific questions, email Rusty Hall at rhall@ymcawaycross.org.



Child Watch

Child Watch Center Policies & Guidelines

Children are welcome in the center up to 2 hours per day.

Parents must remain on YMCA

property while your child is in Child Watch.

Children must be signed in and out of the center by a parent or guardian.

Children need to be signed out of Child Watch by the same

person who signed them in, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Children must be a member of the YMCA to stay in the center.

Please help your child have a positive experience!

  •  Bring your child to the center clean, dry, and fed.
  • Label all bottles, cups, diaper bags, etc.
  • Inform us of any special needs your child may have.
  • Let us know about your baby’s sleep and play choices.
  • Bring any source of comfort for your child (i.e. small blanket).
  • Utilize the toys we have in Child Watch and leave personal toys at home.
  • The best way to familiarize an apprehensive child and parent to the center is to start their visits at 15 minutes and gradually lengthen them. During this time, it is very important you visit the YMCA at least twice a week and not leave more than four or five days between visits.



Personal Training

Whether you are looking for someone to hold your hand every step of the way or for someone to add variety & spice to your routine and help you reach your goals faster than you thought possible, One-On-One Y Personal Training is right for you!

Our Personal Trainers are certified by an internationally recognized wellness organization and are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals as quickly & safely as possible.

Learn more about personal training »

Personal Trainer Bios


Phillip Jordan is AFAA certified in Personal Training and Group Fitness.

Phillip’s philosophy:

I enjoy interacting with people who are striving to achieve a personal goal and helping them reach it – building bodies while building friendships.

Phillip’s signature personal training technique is to systematically incorporate muscle confusion to shock the system and create more rapid results.

Email: phillipjordan@live.com

James Bowman is AFAA certified in personal training and group fitness

James’s Philosophy:

Change equals change. Never getting comfortable and never being stagnant, constantly changing exercises and changing what your body is used to, to provide optimal growth.

Email: olearrowman@gmail.com


Charissa Dixon is AFAA certified in personal training.

Charissa’s philosophy:

Charissa enjoys relating to people on their wellness journey, she understands that just as we are all unique characters, so are our individual needs for physical training. Regardless the amount of experience we all share the need to continuously work to achieve & maintain our desired fitness level. Charissa appreciates getting to know and learn her clients & encourages them through uplifting motivation. While she challenges you to push harder she still makes exercising fun! Her personal views on caring for our body has a deep connection with faith, along with thankfulness for good health & ability to be mobile. She believes life is all about balance, it’s important that we learn our body’s budget and stay within it.

“She is clothed in Strength & Dignity and Laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31:25

Contact: chardixon87@gmail.com




Stephen McNally is AFAA certified in personal training.

 Stephen’s Philosophy

I want to help people get one step closer to their goal than they were yesterday. It is never too late to improve your health, starting now might be difficult but it will be worth it in the end. There is a program that works best with your body type and we can work together to identify the training regimen that suits your specific needs. Be patient, work hard, make good choices and your full potential will show.

 Contact: mcnallytheboat@gmail.com






Are you not seeing the results you want despite investing hours per week working out?
Are you not sure how to progress your workouts to the next level?
Do you need help adding variety to your workouts?
Do you need motivation to help you stay committed?

You can achieve this through a personal trainer that will tailor your individual goals, aerobic exercise and strength training one on one. Gain the confidence you need as you lose the unwanted fat. Sculpt your muscles while creating a healthier lifestyle.

Log into ActivTrax today!

Corporate Wellness Program

Of all the things we value in life, our health is one of the most important. That’s why we make it our mission to help your employees become healthier and stronger in spirit, mind and body. Once they become part of the Corporate Wellness Program at the Childers Family YMCA, we do more than provide membership cards and expect success to happen. We become a strategic partner in wellness, working with your company to create a program that works best for you and your employees. We identify wellness goals and priorities and work with each individual at their own level to help them stay engaged and ultimately give them a better chance for success.

Our staff of professional experts can build a Cooperate Wellness program for your company’s individual needs.

It’s a proven fact that a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Participation in the Childers YMCA Corporate Wellness Program can work wonders by helping your employees increase their energy level, reduce stress and develop a more positive outlook at work and at home. Not only does your company reap the reward of having employees who are more energized and motivated, but watch your absenteeism rates decrease and the overall cost of health-care decrease with fewer medical claims. As the areas largest health facility we currently work with some of Southeast Georgia’s largest employers. We are flexible and our cooperate partnership and programs vary in design depending on the needs of the individual company.

Let our staff of certified professionals are able to design a wellness program around your company’s workforce needs! Our wellness center is open 24/7 to assure access to your employees. We can do most anything!

Stay Healthy Kiosk

Take advantage of the Stay Healthy Kiosk. Stay Healthy will track your progress and:

  • Monitor Blood Pressure
  • Monitor Body Weight
  • Monitor Body Composition (% Body Fat)
  • Monitor Hydration
  • And More!